Slut of The Month - July 2018

"My name is Emily, or Emmers as known on Instagram. I am 26 years old and from Western, NY. I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and have a degree in fashion design. I am currently running the account @HoeGivesNoFucks on Instagram and a brand ambassador for I am also a bartender at a local Italian steakhouse. My favorite thing to do is travel. I have chosen for my account to stay anonymous because I feel like society bases too much on looks, especially with female comedians.

Three years ago I became single after a four year toxic relationship and was thrown into the crazy world of dating, fuckboys, and one night stands. 23 and naive, I didn't know the norms and rules of this millennial hookup culture, especially in a small conservative town. I was fresh on the market and having fun for the first time in a long time. In the worlds of Drake, I was "wearin' less and going out more". After getting a few (dozen) numbers from guys around town, I realized that this hookup culture really catered to men and it wasn't fair. The 2am text messages were turning into more than "you up?" and "send pics". They actually became pretty comical with one guy asking me to pick up an order of chicken nuggets on the way to his house around midnight. My friends could not believe the stories I told and the texts, snapchats, and DMs I received, but I always knew that there were other girls out there who would understand. One night, pretty sure Mercury was in retrograde, a guy who I knew came up to me at the bar and asked me to go home with him. I politely declined and he began to list off the guys he knew who I recently "hungout with". Basically butthurt that I turned him down he called me a hoe in front of the whole bar. While I started feeling tears forming, I quickly thought, "why am I the hoe when you and your friends are just as sexually active as I am? Why does my sex life matter to you so much? Why are people being shamed for something that is such a normal part of human nature?" I replied to him, "Yes. I'm a hoe and I don't give a fuck". Later that night, as I went home alone, @HoeGivesNoFucks was born and the meme-ing began. Just about over night I began receiving comments and messages from other girls who also have been labeled as a slut or hoe, when they were just happily being themselves. I realized I had something and I went with it. I began to use my platform to help other people laugh, feel less alone and love themselves. Three years and nearly 800k followers later I still am staying true to myself in order to relate to others all over the world. Waking up to messages from strangers saying I make them laugh and help them get through their day literally makes what I do worth it.

Along with my hoe posts, I also post about body image and mental health awareness. I'm someone who has struggled with body issues her whole life and was recently diagnosed with Bipolar type II. I know how it feels to feel so alone and I never want anyone to feel that way. So, if something I post relates to one person, then it's worth it. Mental health issues should not be so taboo. For me, talking about it with a little bit of humor helps. I want women to know they are all so beautiful, and as cliche as it sounds, it's what on the inside that matters the most. A positive body image is so important and it's hard for a women to love herself when we live in a society that constantly makes us feel not good enough. Why is one body type deemed attractive? There are times when I'm asked to model underwear and post it. At first I was felt like people wouldn't think I was attractive enough to, but then it hit me, why am I worried about what strangers have to say. I have no problem blocking the haters and anyone who brings negativity to my page.

When I was asked to be July's Slut of The Month I nearly spit out my vodka soda in excitement! Something like this just shows that hard work pays off and I am excited for future collabs with My Slut Box! Amber Rose has been my queen for the longest time and I look up to her so much! I even started wearing wigs! Everything she stands for has made me feel less alone in the past and I hope one day to make just as much of an impact as her!"