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Hey Hoe ( pt. 2 )

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Hey Hoe, Should I stay friends with a guy if he’s asked for nudes but only wants to be friends? -Dressed and Unimpressed

Dear Dressed and Unimpressed, Him asking for nudes aside, is he bringing something positive to your life? Do you enjoy his friendship? If you answered yes, then maybe you should keep him in your life. If he is just shallow and using you for nudes, drop him! Tell him there’s a thing called the internet if he wants to look and see a pair of tits. Honestly, I feel like you questioning this “friendship” says enough. Xoxo Hoe

Hey Hoe, Well... I've been seeing this guy for a couple of months... And after a few dates and a weekend away, I slept with him. After that he has been texting me a lot and then nothing. How can I tell if he only wanted to sleep with me once and that's it? Btw we dated a couple of years ago but I went away and we were only friends during that time. -Humped and Dumped Dear Humped and Dumped, I have met plenty of guys who legit use sleeping with girls as a checklist and then once they sleep with her, they’re done with her. But, since you have the history, that might change some things. I don’t think he is necessarily using you, since you went of dates and such. Maybe he wanted to see if things were really over, or maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic! Guys are also like squirrels- if they see something new and shiny, it tends to grab their attention. I say give it a week and then send him a message. I say a weekish because you not talking to him for a period of time shows you’re okay without him. Xoxo Hoe

Hey Hoe, I had a threesome with my girl within the first couple months we dated. It's been 3 years since and no more threesomes. Did I get conned? -3some bum Dear 3some bum, Yolo betch, ask her straight up if it’s something you are interested! Just be careful in your delivery, because you want her to still know she’s enough by herself, but you just wanna spice things off! Maybe open the door by watching some threesome porn and see what she says! Good luck! Xoxo Hoe

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