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Hey Hoe ( pt. 1 )

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Hey Hoe,

Any advice about sexting a dude you really like who really doesn't respond but you fucked the day before?

-Horny and Hopeful

Dear Horny and Hopeful,

Plain and simple... take your talents somewhere else! Texting wise and in the bedroom! I don't know all the details, but it sounds like you're being used. Now, some people are okay with that, but it seems like you want more from him. Personally, I would give it until the weekend until you try again. If he answers you, fuck him again. If he doesn't answer, tell him to fuck off.



Hey Hoe,

I have a friend from a couple of months on Instagram. He has been really nice to me.. He also confessed that he is in love with me.. But the very next month he told me that he got engages to a girl.. Now he says I'm his best friend but also behaves like a boyfriend. Really confused about what I have to do.

- Confused AF

Dear Confused AF,

Have you ever heard the saying "having your cake and eating it too?" because that's what it seems is going on here! But I also have a feeling he's eating a lot of cake. Not to be harsh, but do you really think you're the only other girl? Guys like this usually try to keep a few side girls around to keep up his ego. Also, if he really is engaged, do you think it's fair to his fiance? It's not your fault he's a skeezebag, but I feel like your life would be a lot less stressful without him! You deff deserve a man who only has eyes for you!



Hey Hoe,

What would you do, if you find out that the guy you been madly crushing on is in a LTR? I'm talking about getting real butterflies when you see them 😭💔

- Crushin Hard Like a Dick

Dear Crushin Hard Like a Dick,

Isn't that the worst?! Those butterflies can be friends turned enemies real fast! My first bit of advice is to first think about the third party and how they feel. Second, I also believe that everyone is in your life for a certain about of time for a reason, so maybe this is supposed to blossom into an amazing friendship? Don't rush it just because those butterflies are going crazy!



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