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My Weekly Favs

Hello babes and dudes! After receiving dozens of DMs and emails about certain products that I use, to where I got my purse, I decided to start blogging about my favorite products and such- all of it being 100% real talk and no paid promotions!

I definitely have to start with my favorite purse! Whenever it's snapped in my story I get nearly hundreds of messages asking me where I got it! The answer... where I get most of what I own! Amazon! Wherever I am, I always get compliments on it! Even in drive-thrus! The mirrored and laser look of it is so fun and edgy, yet girly! This bag picks up different colors, so you can wear it with virtually any color! It's hard to tell in the picture, but it's actually super bendy and takes shape to whatever is in your bag. The best part? It's not even $20! With that being said, it's not the greatest quality purse. After about two months some of the triangles started coming off, but whatever, I just ordered a new one! CLICK HERE to follow the link to Amazon and order yours!

Do you ever notice that after a beach trip that your skin is looking amazing?! SEA SALT! That's why! After my first trip to Thailand, drunkenly jumping off of boats everyday, I saw such an improvement in my skin! The texture was better and it looked a lot brighter! Unfortunately, I couldn't stay in Thailand forever, so a friend recommended using a cleansing salt scrub! After trying out about a half dozen different kinds, I fell in love with the Ocean Salt cleanser from Lush! The sea salt is course enough to exfoliate and the mix of coconut oil and avocado butter softens your skin and leaves it smelling amazinngggg! The sent comes from lime oil that also helps brighten and tone your skin! It seriously does everything! I give t a 10/10! CLICK HERE to order yours!

Well that's it for this week! Feel free to send me DMs and comments about products you want me to review!


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