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How to live your 20s (or any time of your life) to the fullest

1. Stop worrying about being a “cool kid”

What is this? High school? Seriously. The amount of people I encounter, in their mid twenties, that have admitted to wanting to appear cool to others is just crazy to me. Could you imagine if we all just focused on not being shitty people? Focused on smiling at strangers instead of worrying what they’re thinking about us. Honestly, I don’t consider myself a cool kid at all. I never have and I never will. I’m awkward, so awkward. I’m also happy with who I am and that’s pretty cool if you ask me.

2. If you wouldn’t want your daughter to date him, dump him.​

If there were a club of asshole dudes (which I’m positive there is) my ex would be president. I like to think that they all meet up before they go out on Saturday nights and plan out which victim they’re going to emotionally destroy and how. Anyway, if you are ever second-guessing is his bullshit worth it? It’s not worth it. Not at all. I look back at all my ex put me through and think to myself, wow I was an idiot for putting up with all that for years. But I wasn’t an idiot, I was a victim. I have learned how I want a man to treat me and more importantly, how I deserve to be treated. Let go of the sociopath/loser who doesn’t treat you like a queen.

3. Shitty friends? Dump them too!

I personally believe that we don’t break up with friends enough, or maybe that’s just me. Once I put it in perspective, as I would never let a man control me like this, why would I let a so-called friend do the same? I became a hell of a lot happier. Looking out for our own personal happiness should not make us feel guilty. If someone is bringing unnecessary negativity into your life, get rid of him or her.

4. Travel

Alone, with friends or with family! Doesn’t matter! You never realize how big this world is until you travel it!

5. Dance even if no one else is dancing

I don’t care if you have to get a few drinks in you first, do it, it’s so fun! This all goes back to not caring what others think. “Oh but people will see me” WHO CARES?! It’s your life, have fun with it!

6. Regret is not an option.

This can be as simple as your friends inviting you out to the bar and you being wishy-washy about wanting to go or not. Go! Say yes! You can always leave if you get there and are uncomfortable or bored. But you can’t go back in time once you missed out.

7. Don’t be afraid to go out alone.

Coffee shop, restaurant, bar, or whatever; who cares if you’re alone? Anyone who has a problem with that is clearly incredibly insecure. We’ve all have had those nights where our favorite local band is playing at a bar, but everyone is too busy to go with you- so go alone! Enjoy yourself! It’s pretty damn empowering if you ask me! Just make sure to take a cab if you plan on drinking.

8. Only you can judge your own success.

You know when you awkwardly see people you went to high school with? They’re engaged, married, and probably still with his or her high school sweetheart. They probably only moved a little bit out of town, and they act like they are the most successful person to ever be from your hometown. And maybe they are, to themselves. Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are not living the same life they are living. No one is obligated to want the same things in life. Heck, I’m single, moved back in with my parents, not doing a whole lot with my degrees, and I run a semi-popular Instagram account. To me, that’s pretty damn successful. More importantly, I’m happy, and isn’t that what matters the most?

9. Delete your Facebook app.

Not, your actual Facebook, (unless you want to) just the app on your phone. You’ll stop checking it everyday because the annoying notifications will stop. I don’t know about you, but my Facebook feed is usually 75% people ranting, 23% things I don’t care about and 2% things I already know about because they are actually important. Do yourself a favor and just try it, for a week! Live in the damn moment, would ya?!

10. Find something special about you and remind yourself daily.

This one comes from one of my best friends and it’s so true. When you find the good in yourself, you begin to see it in everyone. You find what makes them special too. It really is such a positive way to live. I really encourage you to try this. Honestly, it does take some practice, but eventually becomes natural. Kindness matters, folks. Throw that shit around like confetti!

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