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If you haven't realized by now, I am obsessed with nail polish and makeup! @CakeFaceCofession0fficial is one of my favorite accounts on the gram and after I saw her review on Pop Polish's Disco Daze, I knew I had to have it! To break it down, it's a super holographic and super wonderful! I had a friend tell me that I look like a unicorn gave my finger nails kisses! It took three normal coats to achieve the beautiful holo look that I wanted! Two coats would have been fine, but of course I wanted more. Dry time was minimal! By the time I was done with my one hand, the other hand was dry and ready for another coat! I also ordered Pop's Liquid Glass Top Coat and am SO happy that I did! The shine is not only amazing, but it really made my nails last! I HIGHLY suggest checking out some POP Polish and ordering some for yourself!

Check out the shop on ETSY and her Instagram!

Update 9-27-16. I ordered some more nail polish! If Disco Daze was like unicorn kisses, then Slick Like That is basically mermaid nails! Same amazing quality as well! I'm hoping to post a better picture than the one I did on Instagram because it didn't do the polish justice! For now, here is the one that she posted on her Instagram of Slick Like That! As you can see, it has beautiful colors in it! Depending on the lighting, you'll see teal, pink, blue, pink, green, orange, or purple! It's honestly the prettiest nail polish I think I have ever worn in my life! Perfect for Fall!

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