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My Favorite Highlighter

You may not know this, but I am a makeup freak. I look at eye shadow the way guys look at porn. I cannot go out with out putting on highlighter. I really can't, I tired. I even carry it in my purse just in case. I also can not tell you how may times other girls comment on how much they love my highlighter and they end up buy it too! As much as I love Anastasia Beverly Hills, I realistically cannot afford buying their highlighters. Contouring kit, 100% will buy. But I go through highlighter faster than my 12 year chubby shelf went through snickers bars. Thank the lord one of my friends ( Kelsey Floyd, fashion blogger/Instagrammer) introduced me to what I will now be applying to my cheekbones to the end of time! And get this! It's only $8! Seriously!

Yup! Colourpop! Their Super Shock pearlized highlights are my secret! I currently have four of them! Wisp is what I use basically every day! It's more of a nude tone, kind of like a pearly bronzer! It's not super dramatic, but it really reflects the light and gives you a killer cheekbone! When applying, I just use my fingers or a disposable cosmetic wedge and blend it alllll around my cheekbones!

Stole The Show is seriously my favorite makeup product of all time! It's the one that is always in my purse and usually the one that my friends end up ordering after they see it on me! I use this typically when I go out, not really a daily look for me. After applying Wisp, I use my ring finger, dab it in the pot and make about a 1" line on the upper part of my cheekbone and blend it out, but still keeping it dramatic!

I also own Alavon and Dream Catcher which are golder than the others. I save those for vacations when my tan is on point! All in all, I HIGHLY suggest trying these products, especially for only $8! Also, Colourpop usually sends out a lot of discount codes and specials if you enter your email during your order! Below is a picture of @Kelsrfloyd to show you that this highlighter is 100% brighter than my future!

On my next makeup haul, I'm definitely going to make an investment in the Moon Child ABH highlighter kit, it's just wayyy to freaking beautiful not to! I'll make sure to post my thoughts about it too! What's your favorite highlighter?! I'd love to know!

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