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My Lip Gloss is Poppin'

Yes, I admit that I have set my alarm to 5:55pm EST on a Friday to be able to snag some lip gloss from Kylie Cosmetics! I can't help it! Those shades just looked so beautiful! After I received my first lip kit, it went down hill. I couldn't stop buying them! I have had such a great experience with all that I have purchased!

My first order was Koko K! I was SO pumped that I got it on the first try! Looking back on it, I should have gotten more at that time because shipping is a little ridiculous! Seven dollars or something like that? At the time they were allll "lip kits". Meaning they came with the liquid lipstick and a lip liner. I'm very hit or miss when it comes to lip liner. I usually just apply it when I wear a dark shade of lipstick. I am super glad tho that Kylie Cosmetics started selling them separately! Anyway, I only got one because I didn't want to waste money on shitty lip kits, if that would have been the case. But it wasn't! I feel in love! I LOVE matte lipstick, but I ate reapplying it! No joke, I think I touched it up once at work the first day I used it! It's a beautiful light pink and I wore it almost everyday for a week straight! That was also when I knew I should order some more!

My next purchase was a gloss! I went with Literally! I'm not really a gloss girl lately, so this was a little out of my comfort zone. I don't know if I applied too much, but the first time I wore it, it felt clumpy throughout the night! I ended up taking it off in the bathroom with a makeup wipe and put my Koko K on. The next night I went out and I ended up applying Koko K and then dabbed some Literally Gloss on top of it, and OMG it was a beautiful creation! I HIGHLY recommend it!

Again, maybe it's just me, but I don't think I will be ordering another gloss from Kylie Cosmetics anytime soon!

Soon enough I also became the proud owner of Dolce K, Exposed, Candy and Kristen. You can say I'm addicted or hooked, but I just think they are a really good product with a really great formula! I always hated reapplying my lipstick 5 times a day and I don't have to do that with any of my Kylie Cosmetic products!

My most recent order has to be my favorite liquid lipstick I have ever worn in my life! Leo! It was one of the limited editions from her birthday collection that has real gold in it! I can't even put into worlds how beautiful this deep red color is! And it really stays on! I usually can't get it off without baby oil!

I'm actually really hesitant to order on of the metallics because majority of them got really bad reviews when they were very thin, bubbly, and some of the tubes weren't even completely filled with product! Maybe I'll order a few soon! Who knows! Have you bought anything from Kylie Cosmetics? What did you think?

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