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10 Things to Never Say to a Tall Girl

Basically 5'10", that's how tall I am. So in heels I'm 6 feet or taller. Apparently those heights aren't considered very average, but whatever. Like everything else in life, there are good things and bad things about it. But to make my life an the lives all my tall sistas out there easier- here are ten thing you should NEVER say to a tall girl, like ever.

1. "Do you play basketball?"

No, I don't. Never have and I never will. But do you play Candy Land or miniature golf?

2. "How's the weather up there?"

Haha, so I'm that tall that I feel the rain before you? If I was that tall, I definitely would have stepped on you by now.

3. "Wow, your feet must be huge!"

They're actually not! But since you brought it up, you're so small! Your brain must be too!

4. "You have long arms, you should take the picture!"

Absolutely not, because I'm probably drunk and should not be trusted to hold your phone.

5. "I totally understand. I'm 5'7!"

Oh, so your actually around the average height? Yha, not the same"

6. "That skirt looks a little short on you."

Well, that judgement looks a little nasty on your face. Lemme' pull it up a little high for you!

7. "Do you like being tall?"

Not as much as you like asking weird questions, clearly.

8. "Where do you find jeans that fit you?"

Um, at a store... that sells jeans... to put on my legs...

9. "Don't complain about being tall!"

I hit my head like 6 times today already, can I complain now?

10. "Have you always been that tall?!"

YUP! 5'10'! Rightttt out of the womb of my 5'5" mother!

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