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5 Girls You'll Become After Getting Dumped

Getting dumped sucks. There is really no other way to put it. Getting over a breakup can be painful and seem almost impossible. You literally have to break up with the break up and focus on yourself. But who are you? Who were you before the relationship? After my personal experiences with breaking up and watching my friends go thru them too, I've realized that within the span of a month or two we all became 5 different girls while trying to find ourselves again.

1. The Fit Chick

Let's face it. You were on Instagram while eating your carton of ice cream and saw some fitspo. YOU WERE INSPIRED! After finishing your ice cream, you get up, head to the nearest store that sells anything Nike and buy yourself a fresh pair of kicks. After downloading that fitness app, you head to the gym you singed up for after the new year and you WORK IT! That 5.5 incline on that treadmill is kicking your ass and you can feel yourself healing mentally and physically! You log on social media and add the word "fit" to the end of your handle, because let's face it, you just worked out. YOU GO GIRL!

2. The Super Fun Girl

"Let's go out! I need to go out!" That's the mass text you send to all your bffs on a Tuesday. You turn into the girl that's down to party wherever, whenever. H & M and there ironic tops are your new go to, "No Boyfriend, No Problem". You have to have a top notch/new wardrobe for all those red solo cup pictures you'll be taking! Pretending to like tequila shots is also apart of your new hobby/ new life style.

3. The Anti- Relationship Lady

This stage usually kicks in when you think it's safe to start trolling on social media again (It's never going to be safe to start trolling social media again, just an FYI) All of a sudden you hate everyone who is in a relationship. Like your friend from the second grade's grandparents that are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary and all you can think is, "He's a liar, Carol! He doesn't love you!" Word of advice, eat bite size snacks; they're easier to throw at your TV when those dating commercials come on. You know your thoughts irrational, but they're keeping you from crying yourself to sleep every night, so that's cool, right? Eye rolling is your sport, and girl, you deserve the gold.

4. A Complete and Total Mess

Maybe this is also what should be call the mourning period? You really realize that once was, is no longer. Your relationship is non existent, just like the idea of a shower. You will want to wear nothing but your ex's over-sized shirt, even tho you have food and makeup stains all over it. The Script and Coldplay Pandora playlists have never appealed to you more. You also get depressed over the fact that when you were the super fun girl, you made an announcement at the bar (even though no one was listening) that you deleted every message and picture of your ex from your phone. AND YOU ACTUALLY DID. And no, no matter how many times you call Apple crying, they can not find your old texts in the iCloud thing.

5. A Girl's Girl

Sometimes this takes the longest to get to; years in some cases. You will eventually learn the importance of female friendships and wonder why you ever rejected any new ones during you last relationship. You realize you're not the only one who has gone thru a terrible break up and that feels good, really good. Wine becomes one of your new favorite things because girl's nights rock! You find it empowering that you are now dressing for yourself and love it when your galpals say, "omg love your outfit!" Because you know they mean it. The best part- you know they'll be there for you before, during, and after the next heartbreak. That's just what friends do.

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