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I could not think of anything else to name my first post other than, Hoe. I get messages and comments all the time asking me, "are you really a hoe?" and "do you have sex for money?" Absolutely not.

It started as an inside joke with my friends, me being called a hoe. You see, I was in a relationship (with a not so nice guy) for about four years and he was quite controlling. He was also a few years younger than me. When I turned 21, he was 19, so it's not like we went to the bars or anything. But eventually that relationship crashed and burned, but that's a blog for another day.

Newly single and ready to mingle, I began going out, got in shape, and dyed my hair blonde. Being the "new girl" in a city I've lived in my whole life was really strange; especially because I was just dumped by a guy who made me believe I was worthless and gross. Every time I went out I would have guys come up to talk to me and ask me for my number. I'll admit, it made me feel good. But according to on lookers, it made me a hoe. Honestly, one guy had the nerve and audacity to look me in the eyes and call me a hoe because I got the numbers of his two best friends in one weekend. His friends each received high fives from others and no texts from me. Oh, did I mention they both had/have girlfriends?

I was super sad for like a millisecond, but then realized what he was saying was not true. Heaven forbid a pretty girl wear a crop top, a choker, get drunk and try to go out without being labeled a slut or a hoe. It's disgusting. I felt like I was living in my own Scarlett Letter, but like the new version with Emma Stone, where she actually did absolutely nothing wrong. There was a really annoying rumor and she just went with it. I was called a terrible name to my face and I made and Instagram page.

So, here's to the girls who love to wear crop tops! Here's to anyone who has had a rumor hurt his/her feelings. And here's to the people who are going to have karma one day bite them in the ass, because boy, I have a long list of ex lovers who will all tell you I'm insane, but I have a blank meme, and I'll write your name.

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