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10 Oversized Tees for Under $13

It was summer 2019 and I was out at the bar with my friends (wild, right?) looking cute AF in an oversized vintage looking Nirvana tee shirt to all of a sudden be interrupted by a stranger man (trying to flirt I guess?).

"Do you even listen to that band?" he chuckled with his bro-ly bros.

I answered, "Wait, what?" Mainly because I was confused why he didn't just say hello and introduce himself like I don't know, a normal human? Anyway... he responds back, "Do you know any songs besides "Smells Like Teen Spirit?". His buddies laughed and did that weird head tilt back thing Chads do. They went on to also make comments about how it didn't even look like I was wearing pants because my top was long. I was clearly confused, mostly because it was a Saturday at like midnight and I was drunk, so I did what any other girl would do, continued to hangout with my friends and ignored him until he went away or short circuited.

The next day I woke up (hungover at his friend's house) and thought about my cute ass band tee that I was obviously still in. I felt inspired to fill my closet with more oversized shirts! What sucked was that the ones I saw on social media were all $35 and more! So I did what any smart poor hoe would do... sucked some D for them! JK! I went to WalMarts Men's Graphic Tee section and went wild! So, without further ado... here are my current favorite shirts I've found! One of the best parts? Well besides the fact they're incredibly affordable... no random drunk man can tell me that he knows more than I do about what is on my shirt! Click the pics to shop in a new tab!

Sizing help: I order mine in either an XL or XXL. I wear mediums normally. I really like the XXL because the shoulders are dropped more!

1. Reptar/Rugrats

2. Cup O' Soup

3. Nasa

4. Golden Girls

5. Daddy

6. Tie-Dye Trolls

7. Back to the Future

8 & 9. Brit Brit

10. Selena

Hope you found something you like!

Disclaimer: I am in no was associated with Walmart/ this is not an ad

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